Please complete the "Secure" Booking Form

ALL BOOKINGS MUST BE MADE IN WRITING AND PRE-PAID. Please complete the "Secure" Booking Form or fax +44-(0)20-7436 7739 specifying full name(s), age, sex, nationality ,religion, passport details, home address and telephone/fax/e-mail, arrival/departure date and approximate time of arrival/departure, type of accommodation, smoker/non smoker, and special diets, disabilities or allergies (such as to pets) if applicable.

What Happens Next?

  1. Either Britannia Student Services or Residence Accommodation Service will send you an offer of accommodation or confirmation of services (depending upon the type of accommodation booked).

  2. At the time of making an offer, you will be given a deadline date by which to respond to our offer

  3. Payment is due on confirmation, unless the stay is for accommodation of over 13 weeks when payment will be agreed on an individual basis.

  4. You must inform Britannia, Residence Accommodation Services or your accommodation supplier (such as your host family) of your arrival time to make sure that someone will be home when you arrive.

  5. Students Guidelines